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Nursing classes & Licensing Programs

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Current classes:

                                  CNA class - May 10 - This class is free if you contact Wendy at RVR in New Albany. She has grant funds available to pay the tuition. Her cell is 864-777-0441.

QMA class - Filled for May 7


QMA Insulin Administration  $120

QMA 1 hour insulin in-service  $20

Tuberculosis injection/reading  $30

Home Health Aide test & State license $60

CNA class/testing/license  $595

QMA class  $620


 QMA class  *********QMA class 

Qualified Medication Aide class (QMA) (CMT) + License

QMA start date:

     May 07, 2021 >Filled

Call 812-246-5753 for questions or to enroll.

Attend class for 8 consecutive Friday's at the Westminster Retirement Village, 2200 Greentree North, Clarksville.

You must have your own clinical site.

Wear a mask each day of class.

We will prepare you to pass the QMA written exam!


1) QMA class is held for 8 days on Friday   *9:30am start time

2) Then 40 hours of practicum (schedule this with your facility)         

3) Sit for a written only exam

>>>What to bring to your enrollment appointment::

A copy of your Indiana CNA license

A copy of your Drivers License and Social Security card

A copy of your Diploma/GED or Transcripts

Your most recent TB skin test

A copy of your physical form

A criminal background check (mycase.in.gov)

A written statement of how many hours you have worked as a CNA over the past 24 months. (you must verify at least 1000 CNA clock hours)

Your first payment of $120 if self pay (Total tuition is $620)

$100 is due each Friday for 5 weeks.

Pre-enroll to save your seat (By appointment)

Wear a face mask



Teresa Ball, RN - Instructor 



812-246-5753            866-896-0594 toll free        812-246-6461 fax

6826 Diamond Heights Dr- Sellersburg  47172

> Follow Clark Regional Airport signs - In residential area -

Our street is right past the Clark Regional Airport >Hwy 31

Our drop from class policy: To receive a full refund of your tuition or deposit you must give us a 5 business day notice (Monday - Friday) of your intent to drop or change start dates. Failure to do this will forfeit your funds.







Nurse who took our CNAS training program
Our health care training center

Teresa Ball, RN will be your primary CNA/QMA/ Instructor.

Background information- your instructor has been teaching the art of nursing for greater than 24 years. She has a nursing degree with a strong background in nursing education, a substitute teacher for two school districts, an Retired EMT, Retired Certified Fire Fighter, Retired Fire Investigator, TB Instructor, QMA Instructor, Certified Trainer for Indiana Home & Hospice Care Foundation, Clark County Special Deputy, Retired EMS Coordinator for Clark County Emergency Management Agency.