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Free Home Health/Hospice Aide License with our CNA program - Optional

Sellersburg, Indiana

Near the Clark County Airport

Next CNA weekday class starts December 05, 2016 **

**For the December 05 class only, the State exam will be free ($75.00) as a Holiday Special** 

Enrolling Monday - Friday     9:00am - 4:00pm by appointment

Diploma or GED not required/ No age limit

No work committment/no work contract for free training/no scheduling your CNA exam with Indianapolis/no waiting


CNA tuition is $500 + $20 fee for two manuals ($520)

QMA tuition is $600 + $20 fee for two manuals ($620)

Optional free Registered Home Health & Hospice Aide License as you get your CNA license

A payment plan for your tuition is available

Complete reimbursement of your tuition fees from your employer


6830 Diamond Heights Drive, Sellersburg   47172

 >>812-246-5753  Call for an appointment to enroll <<

Alternate phone number 502-693-4401 (Saturday's)


All CNA students will receive:

Free nursing liability insurance  (Saves you $120.00)

Free pre-clinical physical (Saves you $60.00 +)

Free elective programs/certificates

Free practice DVD  (Saves you $14.00)

Free take home practice exam to prepare for the CNA exam

Free take home material to prepare for the optional Registered Home Health Aide exam

Free Kentucky CNA License  (Saves you $75.00)

Free training after complete reimbursement of your tuition and testing fees from your employer   (Saves you $595.00)

Free Registered Home Health & Hospice Aide License  (Saves you $250.00)

You can hold 3 State licenses with Indiana Health Careers !   (1. Indiana CNA    (2. Kentucky CNA    (3. Registered Home Health & Hospice Aide

**Your IHC classroom instructor will provide you the state exam for your CNA License.  If you choose to use another training provider, your testing will be scheduled through Ivy Tech, Indianapolis.


Certified Nursing Assistant class & License - 3 week program

Class starts at 9:30am   (Mon. - Thurs. x 4 days)          Clinical is 6:30am - 2:30pm (Mon. - Fri. x 10 days)

You can get a job after the 3 week course with your Completion Certificate from us ! (But test within 120 days) 

No age restrictions 

Diploma or GED not required

You decide where to work in nursing. No obligation to work for one company if you train with us

Make $12.00 to $16.00 an hour with full family benefits (medical, vision, hearing, RX)

Free Kentucky License is optional

Three week program -    4 days of classroom instruction    -    10 days of clinical instruction      -   Receive your Completion Certificate

We will teach you how to provide resident/patient care, feeding, safety, vital signs, documentation, positioning, walking, walk with a walker, specimen collection, applying splints, oral care, hair care, transfers, dressing, ect.

Small class size

CNA exam info >>We will provide you the State Exam onsite and not outsource you to Ivy Tech, Indianapolis. Your classroom instructor will provide you the exam after completion of the 3 week program. A classroom manual, DVD, and take home study guides (questions & answers) will be issued to each student to help you pass your exam.  The State Exam fee is not due until you come back to test.

 Enrolling in a CNA training class at another facility or hospital location will require you to schedule your CNA exam with Ivy Tech, Indianapolis and you will be tested at Ivy Tech. With our CNA program, you will be tested in your classroom.

There is a huge demand for CNA's in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor offices, assistive living & mental health.

>>>**Please get a TB test from your MD, Business Health, health department, walk-in clinic, NP, Walgreen's Wellness, family nurse, ect. and bring proof of TB testing to class during the first week. Call us for any concerns. Have them sign and date our form. If you have had a recent chest x-ray bring the results and waive the TB testing.  (Required) Save any receipts you may have for facility reimbursement.

>>>** Please go to your local Sheriff's department or police department and request a criminal background check. Bring during enrollment or to the first week of class. If you live in Kentucky, you can go to "Koolcorrections" on your computer and print one off.  (Required) Due to regulations, we cannot accept anyone with a felony charge.  If you live in Indiana, you can also go online to mycase.in.gov and print off your report. 

CNA classroom start dates:  December 05        January 09       January 23

QMA classroom start dates:   December 30 

QMA > 8 classroom days on Fridays 9:00am - 5:00pm     40 hours of clinical in your facility or ours      Take a written only test for License

All enrollments are by appointment.     812-246-5753.

$120 is due when you enroll to save your seat. Payment plan is available for your tuition.   


$520 CNA tuition includes 2 manuals - payment plan available

$120 tuition payment is due to register for class

Pay $150 on the first day of class 

Then $125 the second week

Then $125 the third week

**Reimbursement of all tuition and testing fees offered by most facilities

>>>Your tuition includes your CNA training manual, 30 hours RN classroom instructor, 75 hours clinical instruction, take home skills manual/workbook, completion certificate, take home practice exam, clinical nurses x 2 weeks, practice lab, open book quizzes, clinical packet, skills packet, Flash Card study papers, snacks, bottled water, coffee, name badge, 4 optional Electives with certificate & 2nd TB skin testing.

You must register for class before the start date. We stop enrolling when the class is filled

You can elect to pay in full when you enroll, or to pay off early

                   Vocational Rehab Vouchers            Commonwealth of KY Vouchers      Work One tuition assistance 

     Blue River Services accepted               Trilogy vouchers accepted           Facility assistance        Family for Social Services


 Take your final CNA exam after completion of our program. We will prepare you to pass the final exam during the classroom and clinical instruction. We will then request your license from the state for you. We will provide you:

*A CNA manual to study 

*A skills manual for practice

*An end of course exam to study (questions & answers)

*A take home practice exam to study (questions & answers)

*A DVD for home practice 

*A paper flashcard to study (questions & answers)

*Your instructor will show you how to perform the skills during the classroom

*You do not have to pay for the final CNA exam (State Exam) until you come in and take the exam. 


This is a Medicaid/Medicare/State approved (MNA) nurse aide training school

Students must be able to read, speak, understand the English language.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Qualified Medication Aide (QMA) in-service hours available for $120

Serving Southern Indiana and surrounding States and counties

Hospitals may offer free CNA training however you have to sign a work contract, thus losing your ability to work where you want and the shift you want/need.



What makes us unique & popular?

 Other CNA/nursing assistant programs in Kentucky and Indiana charge $765.00 to $1,200.00 for tuition plus technology fees. We are able to keep our tuition low at $520 and no technology fees.

*We never point you out during class and ask you questions.

*Paper flashcards and a study guide are issued to help you pass your CNA test

*We have open book quizzes instead of closed book tests during class

*No homework

*Our students are hired very quickly, even before you get your nursing numbers/license

*Free optional Electives during class to enhance your knowledge base

*We can give you a modified schedule for work or school

*If reading or comprehending written material is a concern of yours, we can oral test you

*No patient lifting, no offensive odors with our training, always a pleasant atmosphere

*We have been serving our community for 19 years

*Kentucky Medical Tech/CNA license for free.

*You will be an Indiana healthcare professional after our 3-week training course

***Internal classroom CNA exam. You will not have to schedule your final exam with the Indianapolis testing hub.



No age requirements or age limits with our CNA program.

We will teach you proper infection control measures such as how to wash your hands & wear gloves, medical positions, documenting, feeding, using lifts for transfers, vital signs, communication, bathing, oral care, hair care, nail care, reporting to your nurse, urine collection, how to use immobilizers, dressing, shaving, changing hospital gowns, preventing pressure sores, infection control and many more fun skills. The new CNA program material is very easy to learn, fun, informative and interesting. Obtaining your nursing numbers has never been easier.

If you work or go to school, we may be able to work around your schedule. Call us with your needs.

We are just 10 minutes from Clarksville, Jeffersonville, New Albany and 12 minutes from the Louisville, Kentucky bridge. Our nurse aide training school is open to anyone, from any state. 40 minutes from Madison, 25 minutes from Scottsburg.

We have a 96% pass rate

Enroll by appointment, by mail or over the phone

Small class size



 Full time weekday classroom schedule                                                   

Food and drink OK in the classroom.                                                                    

Monday - Thursday  9:30 - 5:00pm                                                                       

9:30am - 1:00pm Lecture & Demonstration                                                         

1:00pm - 1:30pm- Lunch                                                                                       

1:30pm - Lecture, demonstration, open book quiz, DVD's                                  

5:00pm- Excuse students home                                                                            

What to bring to class >  3-ring binder, paper note taking material, blue or black ink pen, red ink pen, highlighter. Your 2nd tuition payment is due the first day of class ($150). Dress down comfortable/casual/relaxed. Any snacks or drinks you prefer. No uniforms needed for the first week.

CNA clinical shifts

Monday through Friday 

Shift:  6:30am - 2:30pm - weekday class to equal 75 hours (FT)

If you prefer a second or third shift schedule, we will help you find a clinical site.

Uniform: Red scrub top, black scrub pants. Black or red lab coat is optional. (Buy these anywhere)

We will issue you a name badge

Modified schedules if needed. Speak to our office staff.


Since 2004, our business uses Rodefer & Moss as our Accounting firm


6830 Diamond Heights Dr. Sellersburg 47172.

Our street is right past the Clark County Airport on Hwy 31 in a residential area

Call 812-246-5753 for enrollment appointment


Teresa Ball, RN Instructor


We are experienced with teaching adults and young adults who:

1. may need a modified training & testing schedule

2. may not have attended school in years

3. may need help learning some parts of material

4. benefits from a program with no homework from class

5. learns better from hands-on material

6. does not want to be pointed out during class to answer questions

7. does not want a rushed, fast-paced learning environment

8. may have a busy home/work/school schedule

9. prefers no computer assignments

10. prefers an instructor who is helpful and easy to understand

11. may need the written exam read to them

12. may still be in high school

13. needs affordable tuition and testing fees

14. wants to excel and have a 5-star nursing career

15. may be advanced in age

16. may live in Kentucky and want to attend medical training in Indiana


812-246-5753            866-896-0594 toll free        812-246-6461 fax

6830 Diamond Heights Dr. Sellersburg 47172

> Follow Airport signs - In residential area -

Our street is right past the Clark County Airport - Hwy 31, Sellersburg. Turn onto Diamond Heights Dr.

We are located just 10 to 15 minutes from Jeffersonville, Clarksville, New Albany, Charlestown and Louisville. 25 minutes from Scottsburg and the Knobs,  45 minutes from Madison, 7 minutes from Ivy Tech College. 

Our drop from class policy: To receive a full refund of your tuition or deposit you must give us a 5 business day notice (Monday - Friday) of your intent to drop or change start dates. Failure to do this will forfeit your funds.







Nurse who took our CNAS training program
Our health care training center

Teresa Ball, RN will be your primary CNA/QMA Instructor.

Background information- your instructor has been teaching the art of nursing for greater than 18 years. She has a nursing degree with a strong background in nursing education, a substitute teacher for two school districts, an EMT, Certified Fire Fighter, Fire Investigator, TB Instructor, QMA Instructor, Certified Trainer for Indiana Home & Hospice Care Foundation, Clark County Special Deputy, EMS Coordinator for Clark County Emergency Management Agency.